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Crank but won’t start – Ford Ranger

My Ford Ranger won’t start – Ford Ranger

Ford has issued a service bulletin for a Crank but won’t start condition on some 2007 Ford Ranger pickups. The TSB says that there will mostly likely be no trouble code. However, if you scan the computer you may come up with P1260, U2510 or B1318 may be logged in computer.

P1260 – Theft detected, vehicle immobilized

U2510 – CAN – Invalid data for vehicle security

B1318 – Battery voltage low

The crank but won’t start condition, along with the trouble codes may make you think you’ve got a PATS anti-theft system problem. However, Ford reports that these codes are all related to software bugs. The only way around the problem is to reprogram the PCM with the latest software. Any dealer or qualified independent repair shop can reflash the computer. However, this is not a recall, so you’ll have to pay for it. Generally, a reflash costs about $150

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